The Contemporary American Business Practices (CABP) certificate, designed to familiarize individuals with the processes, routines, and best practices of modern business, is relevant for domestic and international students who are interested in entering or enhancing a career in marketing, finance, accounting, international trade or management. The CABP program immerses students in an interactive learning environment and introduces them to the latest techniques employed by corporate America—the business practices recognized globally for innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Classes for the eleven-month cohort program meet Monday through Thursday evenings.

All classes meet Monday through Thursday evenings. For international students, this full-time, 18-hour-per-week program meets the requirements for an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility and allows students to apply for F-1 student visas.


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Recommended Application Deadlines:

Contemporary American Business Practices (CABP) applications are reviewed year-round and students are admitted on a rolling basis.

Although we strongly recommend that all applicants adhere to our deadlines, late applications will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

Those applying for full-time international student status should allow enough time to complete their application requirements in order to obtain their F-1 visa and student I-20 to study at Baruch.

Summer Term Deadlines:

• April 15: International Applicants (New I-20)
• May 5: Domestic/Transferred Applicants

Upcoming Start Dates:

• Spring 2017: January 17, 2017
• Summer 2017: May 15, 2017
• Fall 2017: September 18, 2017


• IEM0001 International Trade: Embarking on the Global Marketplace
• MGT0014 Business Statistics
• ACC0001 Accounting I
• CAB0001 Communicating about U.S. Business & Politics
• FIN0001 Principles of Finance




An understanding of finance and investments is a valuable tool that will provide you with confidence in making major job-related and personal decisions. With an increased focus on conducting business in a global environment, this track provides students with an excellent foundation that will allow them to enter or transition into the finance and investments field. Professionals in the finance and investment fields assist organizations to generate funds necessary to support and expand business operations, put together acquisitions, manage cash resources, and ensure future economic stability. The finance components of this track address basic financial principles, theories in equity markets, valuation, corporate finance, behavioral finance, investment banking, debt and fixedincome markets and international payments.

• FIN0002 Corporate Finance & Valuation
• FIN0003 Equity Markets & Portfolio Theory I
• FIN0004 Equity Markets & Portfolio Theory II
• FIN0009 Introduction to Derivatives Markets
• FIN0013 Entrepreneurial Venture Finance
• INV0001 Personal Investments I
• FIN0007 Investment Banking
• FIN0011 Debt & Fixed-Income Markets

cost: $7900



This track of study builds fundamental management knowledge and introduces a set of core competencies demanded of supervisors at every organizational level. Students get comprehensive, hands-on training in supervision, project management, time and budget management, effective communication, goal setting, decision making, providing feedback to employees, and coaching. The coursework exposes students to real-life scenarios and provides them with skills necessary to obtain maximum results from employees, peers and supervisors.

• MKT0009 Negotiation, Decision-Making & Conflict Management
• MGT0051 Contemporary Management Practices
• MGT0054 Planning & Managing Organizational Change
• MGT0052 The Art of Supervision: Confronting the Difficult Employee
• HRM0009 Organizational Behavior
• MGT0058 Creating Effective Teams & Partnerships
• MGT0025 Strategic Planning
• CRM0002 Customer Relationship Management

cost: $7900



This track offers Contemporary American Business Practices students the opportunity to focus on one of the most creative and dynamic industries in today’s business world. Companies around the world need to promote their services and products, increase sales, and manage their image. To that end the marketing track has been designed to cover all aspects of best practices in the field. With this certificate you will learn the most significant ways a company can increase its competitive position through classes such as: Strategic Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Marketing Communications, and more.

• MKT0008 Global Marketing
• MKT0020 Building Your Brand
• MKT0039 Marketing Strategy
• MKT0047 Social Media Marketing
• MGT0091 Live Business Study
• MKT0036 Promoting Sales
• MKT0018 Interactive Marketing
• MKT0035 Advertising

cost: $7900



Students in this track learn how to develop a set of financial controls and gain the skills needed to measure, record and report business transactions. This concentration on accounting principles provides students with a strong foundation on which to build a career or a business. Along with accounting principles, students will benefit from cutting-edge courses in budget management, financial statement analysis, auditing techniques and accounting software like QuickBooks. This track also provides students with an in-depth understanding of public and private accounting issues.

• ACC0002 Financial Accounting II
• ACC0020 Financial Statement Analysis
• ACC0006 Budget Management
• ACC0021 Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
• ACC0015 Auditing Techniques in Accounting
• ACC0023 Intermediate Accounting
• ACC0004 Individual Income Taxes
• ACC0018 Accounting with QuickBooks

cost: $7900



This is a practical, hands-on and comprehensive set of courses concentrating on the procedures, terminology, documentation and regulations for the import and export of goods and services into and from the United States. Classes are taught by accomplished and respected practitioners with years of experience. This track is designed to build a complete and cohesive set of skills for a particular area of international trade. Classes in this challenging program will provide up-to date information and practical skills that will help students become competitive in this dynamic area.

• IEM0014 Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
• IEM0002 Import Regulations & Documentation
• IEM0003 Tariff Classification & Customs Valuations
• IEM0006 Export Regulations & Documentation
• IEM0008 Export Controls & Licenses
• IEM0009 International Logistics for the 21st Century
• IEM0007 International Payments: Terms and Procedures
• IEM0005 Customs Law

cost: $7900