Baruch College’s Division of Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS) recognizes that its strength lies in its instructors, who are experts with significant responsibilities in their professional fields. Baruch CAPS Faculty Services has staff dedicated to assisting instructors with their needs, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Baruch CAPS has developed a set of streamlined protocols to reduce unnecessary administrative overhead for instructors. Please refer to the CAPS Instructor’s Handbook for full information and details.

Faculty Services Office Hours  9:00am – 7:00pm Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm Fridays CAPS Main Office: 646-312-5000
Emergency Closing Information

Faculty Resources

Kahoot is a game-based platform that makes it easy to create, share and play fun learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes. Contact Academic Operations to open an account. Click here for a tutorial on how to use Kahoot.

IBM SPSS software is a software package used for statistical analysis. The software is installed on Baruch workstations. Faculty interested in acquiring the software should put in a request by contacting the Technology Help Desk at 646-312-1010. Click here for a quick tutorial.

Flipgrid is video platform that allows teachers to post discussion topics (via video), creating a social learning environment that provides every student an equal voice and increases engagement. Please see tutorials on how to use Flipgrid here.

Cengage Unlimited This Digital subscription from Cengage gives students unlimited access to course materials, a library of ebooks, study tools and more. Please click here to see a video of how Cengage Unlimited works.


Classroom Assignments

Classroom assignments are made by CAPS Academic Operations (A.O.); room changes may not be made without prior approval. Should a situation arise where a class must be moved out of its assigned room, instructors should notify A.O. immediately at 646-312-5112. If someone else is teaching in the assigned classroom, politely find out the other instructors name and contact Academic Operations for assistance.

Should it be necessary for A.O. to change a classroom during the course of the semester, instructors and students will be notified as early as possible. Some Baruch CAPS classes meet in off-site facilities, such as Baruch High School and The Epiphany School. If you experience any problems regarding classroom assignments, please contact Academic Operations at 646-312-5112.

Class Length

Classes must begin and end at the times stated in the catalog. Rooms are reserved for specific periods of time, and class times cannot be extended without prior authorization from Academic Operations.

Please note that CAPS cannot pay instructional staff for unscheduled class time or for class preparation time.

Instructors are expected to teach according to the schedule arranged by CAPS. We understand that occasionally an emergency occurs which requires you to cancel class. Make-up classes must be scheduled within the term in which the course is taking place.

Class/Room Change

Any canceled session must be rescheduled in the same format and in the same term as the original class. The instructor and students must identify a suitable day and time when all students can attend. If necessary, contact Academic Operations at least one week in advance to arrange for reservation of a suitable classroom. Remember, instructors should not assume that a classroom will be available at any time other than when it is reserved for scheduled class meetings. Instructors may not move their class to a different room without prior approval from Academic Operations.

Guidelines for Use of High School Classrooms
  • Instructors and students are not allowed inside the buildings before 5:45pm and may not enter the classroom until the Baruch CAPS instructor has arrived.
  • Baruch CAPS students are not allowed to enter classrooms other than those in which their class is meeting or to loiter or wander in the hallways.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the classrooms.
  • Baruch CAPS students and instructors may not open any desk draws, cupboards, cabinets or closets to remove items and should not touch anything in the room that belongs to the high school teacher or students. This includes chalk, markers, papers, pens, and other classroom materials.
  • Baruch CAPS students and instructors may not erase anything on the blackboard or whiteboard that has been written by the high school teacher. Use only the board space that has been left for your use.
  • Please use EXPO 2 low-odor, dry-erase pens if using a whiteboard, and use chalk if using a blackboard. Markers, chalk, and erasers are available in the Faculty Lounge, room 1107, at the 17 Lexington Avenue building or from John Georges in the main CAPS office at 55 Lexington Ave; Room 116.
  • At the end of class:  Erase all of your class notes from the blackboards or whiteboards, leaving only the high school teacher’s board notes. Place chairs up on the desks. Place all trash, paper, and other refuse in the trash cans, leaving absolutely no mess behind. Close any windows you may have opened and return the room to the condition you found it upon entering.

  • Guidelines for Use of NYC Seminar and Conference Center Classrooms
  • Seminar Center staff will meet students and faculty in the lobby of the building to advise them of the exact room location for that day’s class.
  • The student/faculty lounge is located in suite 515 on the 5th floor of the building.
  • Faculty may request media equipment in advance by contacting Academic Operations. We regret that we may not be able to accommodate last-minute requests, so please plan in advance.
  • While you may use the copy machines at the Seminar Center, please note that Baruch CAPS will not cover these expenses. Please make copies of classroom materials in the Baruch CAPS faculty lounge at 17 Lexington Avenue, where the cost of copies for your classroom materials can be covered.

  • Class Times and Tardiness

    Courses are assigned to run for a specified number of contact hours. Instructors are bound by their letter of appointment to begin and end class at the assigned time. It is the responsibility of the instructional staff to arrive at least 10 minutes before class time. If arrival will be delayed due to transportation problems, alert Academic Operations at 646-312-5100 as soon as possible.

    Rosters & Attendance Sheets

    Attendance Sheets

    All students are expected to attend every session of their courses. Instructors have the right to weigh class participation, exams and attendance in determining grades.

    Each semester Faculty Services distributes two (2) attendance sheets to the instructors:

  • First Day Attendance Sheet
  • Updated Final Attendance Sheet
  • The First Day Attendance Sheet is prepared before the first day of classes and reflects all registrations processed through the end of the regular registration period.

    Students are listed in alphabetic order, with a five-digit identifier. A class roster accompanies the attendance sheet and provides email addresses of the students registered in the class.

    Attendance sheets must be submitted bi-weekly to the CAPS Registrar, 55 Lexington Avenue, Room 116 (fax: 646-312-5101).

    Attendance sheets may not be submitted late. This allows us to comply with federal regulations governing attendance reports for international students.

    The Updated Final Attendance Sheet is prepared after the late-registration period ends. It includes all changes that have taken place after the regular registration period ended. Changes may be the result of changes of program, cancellation for failure to pay tuition, or a late registration.

    These updated attendance sheets are distributed at the beginning of the third week of the semester and are also used for submitting final grades.

    If a student claims to have registered for your course and his/her name does not appear on the roster, please ask the student to provide a copy of a registration receipt dated after the date your attendance sheet was printed. If the student cannot provide this receipt, direct the student to Enrollment Services (55 Lexington Ave, Room 116). If the student resolves the registration problem, the student will receive a new registration receipt or other proof of registration that the student will be able to show you.

    Students should be registered for the course section they are attending. Informal arrangements to allow a student to “sit in” a different section of the course may end up with the student receiving a failing grade in the section for which he/she is registered. Resolving this registration problem after the term ends can be very problematic for the student and the instructor(s) involved.

    Please be sure to send any students with registration problems to the CAPS office. The CAPS office is open until 7PM.

    Class Rosters

    The initial class roster and attendance sheet will be emailed to instructors as a PDF file the day before the scheduled start date for the class. A student is not permitted to attend a class if his/her name does not appear on the roster or if the student does not provide you with his/her registration receipt showing the class code, level, and/or section. A final roster will be emailed to you after the second week of classes, when enrollment has stabilized. After the final roster is issued, no “write-in” of student names is permitted, as all students must register through proper channels.

    Instructors are required to verify the student email addresses listed on the roster. This will assist you in communicating with students and will ensure that the Registrar can accurately email final grades to students. Note: This does not apply to ESL rosters. Changes on these rosters may only be made by ESL administrators.


    Submitting Syllabi

    Instructors are required to submit their course syllabus to Academic Operations at least two weeks before the start of the class (or on the first day of the class for ESL instructors).

    Instructors must provide each student with a copy of the syllabus at the first class session. The syllabus should reflect content areas for each session of the course, as well as expected outcomes for each session.

    Please use the syllabus template provided by Academic Operations. A copy of the syllabus template is provided at the back of the Instructor’s Handbook. ESL instructors will be provided a syllabus template prior to the start of classes via email from the program director.

    CAPS instructors should submit syllabi via email to Academic Operations at the following address:

    ESL instructors should submit syllabi via email to the ESL and Modern Languages program at the following address:

    Please keep in mind that a course which does not have a syllabus on file may be canceled and/or reassigned.


    Grade Reporting

    Instructors must specify their basis for grading in the class on the course syllabus.

    Grades are submitted on the final attendance sheet within one week of last day of class. Instructors must sign and date the final attendance sheet. Final Grades may be brought to the office of the CAPS Registrar, 55 Lexington Avenue, Room 116, or faxed to 646-312-5101. Final grades should be recorded in the last column which is marked “FG.”

    It is important not to delay submitting grades beyond the deadline, as a late submission can affect a student’s ability to register for classes the following semester or to complete certificate requirements.

    Students may question a grade within 30 days of their final class by submitting a written appeal. In this case, the circumstances will be reviewed by the program director and instructor, and the grade may be reconsidered.

    Incomplete (INC)

    Students with a justifiable cause may request a grade of “incomplete” (INC). Before assigning a grade of INC, instructors should consult with their program director, who must approve all requests for an INC grade. The student must complete any remaining assignments within 30 days after the last day of class or the INC grade will change to an “F.” The final grade for the student must be reported to the Baruch CAPS Registrar within 30 days of the original final exam. ESL students do not receive a grade of “incomplete.”

    Final Exams Students who miss the final exam in a class receive a grade of “F” for the exam and are not automatically entitled to take a make-up exam. If there are well-reasoned, well-documented reasons (such as an illness or death in the family) to justify scheduling a make-up exam, the instructor should arrange a convenient time for both student and instructor to conduct the exam as quickly as possible. The instructor must agree to and proctor any make-up exam. Make-up exams are not permitted for students who do poorly on a final exam. Make-up exams must be administered within seven days of the ending date of the course. Please contact Academic Operations (646-312-5100) to reserve a classroom in which to conduct a make-up exam.



    Baruch CAPS evaluates all courses at the end of each semester. Evaluations are a mandatory part of our operating procedures.

    Instructors must pick up the evaluation forms from the CAPS office. ESL instructors’ evaluation forms will be placed in ESL mail files at 17 Lexington, room 1107. To perform the evaluation, please solicit one volunteer student in your class to take responsibility for distribution and collection of the evaluation forms. This is usually done during the next to last class meeting.

    The student who volunteers to do this will need to:

  • Distribute the evaluations to the class while the instructor has left the room for 10-15 minutes to allow students time to complete the forms
  • Collect the completed forms and immediately seal them in the original envelope
  • Return the envelope to CAPS Evaluations Collection Box located at the security desk in all Baruch College campus buildings and high school classrooms, and at the main seminar center desk.
  • After Baruch has processed the grades, copies of the evaluations will be available for instructor review in the CAPS Office.


    Appointment and Reappointment

    Teaching appointments are contingent upon the standards and policies set forth by Baruch College. After appointment, there must be sufficient enrollment to allow Baruch CAPS to offer the course to which an instructor has been assigned. Appointment is for an individual course on a term-by-term basis. Baruch College reserves the right to terminate employment at any time, cancel classes, adjust curricula and class hours, close facilities, change class locations and determine enrollment limits.

    After reading the terms of the appointment letter, instructors should sign and return the letter to Minonska Castellanos at Baruch CAPS, 55 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10010. By signing and returning the appointment letter to CAPS, instructors indicate that they will attend their first day of class and teach the course according to the schedule. Instructors who do not show up for the first day of class risk having the course reassigned.Instructors will be notified via e-mail one week before the beginning date of the term as to whether the class has sufficient enrollment or has been cancelled due to low enrollment. Instructors may also call the Academic Operations office earlier for updates on their course status.

    Sexual Harassment Policy

    It is the policy of The City University of New York to promote a cooperative work and academic environment in which there exists mutual respect for all University students, faculty, and staff.

    Sexual harassment is inconsistent with this objective and contrary to the University policy of equal employment and academic opportunity without regard to age, sex, sexual orientation, citizenship, religion, race, color, national or ethnic origin, disability, and veteran or marital status.

    Instructors shall have no direct physical contact with students unless directly related to the delivery of course content. Sexual harassment is illegal under Federal, State, and City laws, and will not be tolerated within the University.

    Members of the University community who believe themselves to be aggrieved under this policy are strongly encouraged to report the allegations of sexual harassment as promptly as possible. Delay in making a complaint of sexual harassment may make it more difficult for the college to investigate the allegations.

    Each dean, director, department chairperson, executive officer, administrator, or other person with supervisory responsibility is required to report any complaint of sexual harassment to an individual or individuals designated in the procedures. All members of the University community are required to cooperate in any investigation of a sexual harassment complaint.

    I.D. CARDS

    After obtaining a letter of employment from Academic Operations, new instructors should take their letter to the I.D. Center in order to receive an ID card (see address and hours of operation below). Instructor ID cards are re-validated each term. Each semester, Academic Operations will send a list of the names of instructors whose ID should be revalidated by the ID center. The ID center will re-validate ID cards electronically, so instructors will not need to visit the ID center again for re-validation. Instructors who are teaching in the Vertical Campus at 55 Lexington Avenue require special validation in order to gain access to classrooms. Academic Operations will notify the ID center of the appropriate room number.

    I.D. Center: 151 East 25th Street, Room 133 Phone: 646-312-1477
    Hours: Fall/Spring: 10:30am,-6:30pm, Mon-Thurs. 10:30am-3:00 pm, Friday
    Summer: 9:30am-6:30pm, Mon-Thurs. Closed Fridays.
    Visit their website at:

    Personal Emergencies

    It is the responsibility of the instructional staff to alert the CAPS office to any personal emergencies that may lead to absence. Whenever possible, instructors should email their students about absences.

    Privacy Policy

    It is the policy and practice of Baruch CAPS not to share an instructor’s contact information with anyone, including students and fellow instructors. If an instructor wishes students to have this information, they may independently provide their preferred contact numbers or email address.

    The ESL division provides a list of substitute teachers for instructors to contact in case of an emergency. The substitute teachers have agreed to have their contact information made available for the list.

    Visiting Lecturers

    Instructors may invite into the classroom ONE guest speaker/lecturer per term, with advance approval of Academic Operations.  All guests visiting a Baruch College campus building (including the high schools) will be signed into the visitor’s log by the Public Safety Officers.  The visitor must show a valid I.D. (i.e. driver’s license) and letter of authorization from Academic Operations.  If the visitor is unable to show both of these documents he/she will not be admitted to the building, but referred instead to the Public Safety Office.

    Corresponding with CAPS office and with students

    CAPS staff contact information is provided throughout this web site, and instructors are encouraged to communicate with us via phone or email at their convenience.

    Student email addresses are provided for communication with students however, these may not be shared with other students in the class unless or until students grant that permission to the instructor. Please remember that instructors are expected to use student email addresses for appropriate, academic, CAPS course-related correspondence only.

    External soliciting, marketing or distributing of pamphlets not related to the course is prohibited. Our students trust us to focus our time and resources on the class in which they are registered. It is our responsibility to honor that trust.

    Rescheduling an Exam

    The instructor may decide to reschedule an exam for one or more students at his or her discretion. It is the instructor’s responsibility to be available to administer the rescheduled exam, and to contact Academic Operations (646-312-5100) well in advance to arrange for a classroom to be available for this purpose. Academic Operations staff are not available to proctor exams.

    Separation Procedures

    Instructors who discontinue their employment with the college must follow appropriate departure procedures: Keys (if applicable) and ID cards must be given to Academic Operations; outstanding library books and desk copies of the class text must be returned; and all other college property must be returned to Academic Operations in the main Baruch CAPS office. If separation is voluntary, the administration should be notified in writing at least 4 weeks prior to the class start date. Instructors should ensure that all timesheets are correctly completed and submitted to Academic Operations so that the final paycheck can be calculated.

    CAPS reserves the right to terminate an instructor’s appointment to teach.

    Course Cancellations

    Courses Cancelled by Baruch CAPS

    In the event that an insufficient number of students register for a course, the instructor will be informed of the course cancellation in the week just prior to the beginning of the course.

    Classes Cancelled by the Instructor

    Instructors are expected to teach every class scheduled during the term.  Should illness or an emergency occur, instructors should do the following:

  • Email your students and copy the email to both  and .
  • Call Minonska Castellanos (646-312-5112), so that we can post a sign on the classroom door.
  • An instructor who cannot reach these individuals or who has an emergency cancellation of a Saturday or Sunday class must call Security at 646-660-6000 so they can post a sign on the classroom door.
  • Cancelled classes must be rescheduled within the term.  Contact Minonska Castellanos at  to reschedule a class and search for room availability.
  • Unreasonable cancellations may result in the revocation of teaching appointments.
  • Baruch CAPS reserves the right to cancel class sections, with notice, throughout the term.
  • Classes Cancelled by the Instructor – ESL only

    Instructors are expected to teach every class scheduled during the term.  Should illness or an emergency occur:

  • Make every effort to find a substitute instructor for the class. The substitute list, including names, phone numbers and email addresses, will be provided at the beginning of the term.
  • Contact  at 646-312-5112 or at 646- 312-5114 to let them know who the substitute instructor will be.
  • In the event that a substitute instructor cannot be found, or in the event of an illness or other emergency just before the start of class, call the Baruch CAPS office immediately for assistance at 646-312-5000