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Information Technology
Database Management with Microsoft SQL Server

As the most fully featured Relational Database Management System offered by Microsoft, SQL Server provides an excellent platform on which to learn querying and basic administration. Learn Transact-SQL, database design, diagramming, and creation, and backup and recovery, all on enterprise quality software within the Windows environment.

F21sct: 1Sa9/259:30 AM$605.00

Information Technology
Databases and SQL Queries with Oracle

Learn the Structured Query Language, the industry-standard syntax for interacting with relational databases, using Oracle, the industry-leading database software. This course will cover database diagramming, design, and creation, entity-relationship (ER) modeling, querying, data warehousing, reporting, and more. This one course introduces you to two mainstays of the data-management world.

F21sct: 1Tu9/216:15 PM$655.00

Information Technology
Javascript - Introductory

JavaScript is a programming language used in web development to create interactive effects in web browsers. This introductory class will cover JavaScript data types, expressions, operators, functions, iterators, and conditionals. You will also learn how to use JavaScript to modify CSS properties & the DOM (Document Object Model) of a webpage to create dynamic effects and behaviors. You will leverage jQuery, a popular JavaScript library, and asynchronous JavaScript to create next-generation interactivity in web pages.

F21sct: 01CM, W9/206:15 PM$725.00

Information Technology
Excel 2016 - Basic

Designed for people who "learned on the job" as well as those who have never used spreadsheet programs before, this course teaches functions and features of Excel 2016. After an introduction to spreadsheet terminology, you will learn how to navigate worksheets, enter and edit text, values, and formulas. You will learn about absolute and relative references, and use Excel's math and date functions. Formatting and printing strategies are covered as well as conditional formatting. PREREQUISITE: Mouse and keyboard expertise navigating the Windows environment; ability to download and extract zip files.

F21sct: 1W9/226:15 PM$245.00

Information Technology
Excel 2016 - Advanced

In this class you will work with formulas that span across multiple worksheets and use the VLOOKUP and INDEX functions. You'll create and modify macros, protect workbooks, and use Excel's data validation features. Prerequisite: You must have expertise in using range names and/or have successfully completed the Excel 2016 Basic and Intermediate classes.

F21sct: 1W11/36:15 PM$245.00

Information Technology
Excel 2016 - Intermediate

This course builds on the fundamentals in the Excel 2016 Basic course. In this class, you will create financial outlines and subtotals, create and manage cell range names, as well as create and modify column and pie charts. Sorting, filtering and calculations using calendar date functions will be covered as well as Pivot tables and charts. You'll also learn how to use text functions to manipulate non-numeric data. Prerequisite: Excel 2016 Basic or equivalent knowledge.

F21sct: 1W10/136:15 PM$245.00

Information Technology
Java - Introductory

Java provides an ideal environment in which to grasp the universal concepts of Object Oriented Programming. Use the Java API to create Graphic User Interfaces, handle mouse events & other user input, work with data structures, manage the file system, connect to a database using JDBC, and create dynamic web pages using HTML and JSP. PREREQUISITES: Fundamentals of Programming (or prior programming experience), and Database Management with MS SQL (or prior database experience). Co-requisite: Databases and SQL Queries with Oracle

F21sct: 01CTh9/236:15 PM$695.00

Information Technology
Java - Intermediate

In this course students gain more advanced JavaScript knowledge. After a brief review of the basic JavaScript concepts the course focuses on the class syntax and state management. In addition, students learn how to integrate media elements (like images and video) into a web site and become familiar with browser APIs (accessing a web cam, microphone, speech recognition etc.). The class will also introduce node package management using the command line. This is a hands-on course built around in-class and homework programming activities.

Information Technology
Build a Website in HTML

This hands-on course will cover creating web pages, organizing content with tables, planning a site structure with a site map, linking web pages, implementing navigation, publishing content to the web, and web hosting. Learn how to quickly and easily create a website even if you don't have prior programming experience!

F21sct: 01CSa9/2510:00 AM$520.00

Information Technology

Gain greater control of your website's look and feel using CSS, the industry-standard technology for layout and presentation. In a series of project-driven labs, you will learn to standardize colors, fonts, and layouts across groups of pages, and to customize content for different browsers and mobile devices. Prerequisite: Build Your Own Website in HTML or equivalent background.

F21sct: 01CSa11/69:00 AM$520.00
SU21sct: 01CSa7/179:30 AM$520.00

Information Technology
Python: Introduction

Learn the basics of the programming language Python. Essential data types such as integers, floats, strings, lists, and dictionaries will be covered, as well as reading and writing functions. Additionally, control flow will be taught, using for-loops, while-loops, and if-statements. Students will also be introduced to basic debugging. In every session and outside of class, students will work on programming assignments as the course progresses. No prior knowledge of Python required.

F21sct: 01CTh9/236:15 PM$545.00

Information Technology
Python: Intermediate

Take a deeper dive into programming with Python. More advanced data types such as sets, tuples, and custom classes will be addressed. Students will also be introduced to run-time analysis and will learn about some of the applications of Python, such as writing programs to read and process CSV files and writing a web server to respond to requests. This is a project-based course and the acquired knowledge will be applicable to professional or personal uses. PREREQUISITE: Completed ?Python ? Introduction? course or demonstrated prior knowledge of Python.

F21sct: 1Th10/286:15 PM$545.00

Information Technology
Python for Web Development

This is an advanced class for students with prior knowledge of Python. In this course, students will learn how to use Flask to build basic, interactive web applications with Python. The course will also cover using the requests library to communicate with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). In addition, students will learn to parse and understand JSON format and how to persist data within their application using a database. PREREQUISITES: Fundamentals of Programming AND Python ? Introduction AND Python ? Intermediate courses OR demonstrated prior knowledge of Python.

Information Technology
Data Analysis and Visualization with Tableau

Visualization of data is a key requirement for business decision makers. Tableau is one of the most popular software packages to achieve rich visualization to understand data patterns and create an engaging story. This hands-on course designed for the beginner Tableau user will guide you through the foundations of the software and you will begin to generate simple visualizations and interactive worksheets and dashboards.

F21sct: 1Tu11/96:15 PM$405.00

Information Technology
Cybersecurity and Privacy Management

This course introduces the key business, technical, legal and ethical issues in cybersecurity and privacy faced by business and government. Using case studies and simulations, the class will analyze the management and technical causes for breaches and actual company responses, and apply strategies and best practices for detection and prevention of data theft and intrusions.After completing the course, students will have a foundational knowledge of privacy and cybersecurity issues that must be addressed in for-profit, non-profit, and government activities and organizations.

F21sct: 1M10/256:15 PM$425.00