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International Trade
International Trade: Embarking on the Global Marketplace

This course is designed for students who are new or have limited experience in international trade. Course topics include the environmental factors affecting trade, elements of an international contract, dispute resolution, rates of exchange, pricing terms, negotiation terms, transportation, financing procedures, documentation, insurance, government regulations, and more.

F21sct: 01CM9/206:15 PM$719.00

International Trade
Supply Chain Management Workshop Series

Design for professionals in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, the workshop series will provide the most up to date compliance updates in in C-TPAT, AES and other systems, Incoterms, Intermodal/Transport Security, Information Security operations. For students pursuing the SCM Certificate, this series will satisfy the academic requirement of IEM0013, IEM0016, IEM0020, IEM0021.

F21sct: 1Sa11/139:00 AM$719.00

International Trade
Customs Broker Licensure Test Preparation

This course is for students preparing for the US Customs Licensure Examination held each year in April and October, requires a 12-week commitment totaling 36 hours of intense preparatory study in advance of the examination. Each session will focus on specific sections of the US Customs Regulations and Tariff schedules, and students will be intensely tested. Actual past CBLE tests will be reviewed each week. Topics to be covered include types of entries, entry requirements and procedures, bonds and currency conversion, power of attorney, classification and appraisement, examination of merchandise, prohibited and restricted merchandise, temporary importation under bond, marking of imported merchandise, bond entries and procedures, mail importation and items exported and returns, drawbacks and protests, and licensing of customs brokers. NEI 20 CCS Units

F21sct: 2Tu, Th11/26:00 PM$1,499.00