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Mathematics and Data
Python: Introduction

Learn the basics of the programming language Python. Essential data types such as integers, floats, strings, lists, and dictionaries will be covered, as well as reading and writing functions. Additionally, control flow will be taught, using for-loops, while-loops, and if-statements. Students will also be introduced to basic debugging. In every session and outside of class, students will work on programming assignments as the course progresses. No prior knowledge of Python required.

F21sct: 01CTh9/236:15 PM$545.00

Mathematics and Data
Python: Intermediate

Take a deeper dive into programming with Python. More advanced data types such as sets, tuples, and custom classes will be addressed. Students will also be introduced to run-time analysis and will learn about some of the applications of Python, such as writing programs to read and process CSV files and writing a web server to respond to requests. This is a project-based course and the acquired knowledge will be applicable to professional or personal uses. PREREQUISITE: Completed ?Python ? Introduction? course or demonstrated prior knowledge of Python.

F21sct: 1Th10/286:15 PM$545.00

Mathematics and Data
Data Analysis and Visualization with Tableau

Visualization of data is a key requirement for business decision makers. Tableau is one of the most popular software packages to achieve rich visualization to understand data patterns and create an engaging story. This hands-on course designed for the beginner Tableau user will guide you through the foundations of the software and you will begin to generate simple visualizations and interactive worksheets and dashboards.

F21sct: 1Tu11/96:15 PM$405.00