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Real Estate
Cost Managment Procedures

The objective of cost management is to control the project cost so that the project is delivered within the developed budget, it includes all those processes necessary estimates, controls, and strategizing to ensure that the project is completed as planned. Cost management elements include but is not exclusive to: cost management system; cost management plan; WBS; cost estimating; budget development; risk analysis; requisitioning; surety; cash flow forecasting /projections, among other topics. The role of the Construction Manager with respect to cost management, and the use of various cost management tools are discussed for each phase of the project.

Real Estate
Facilities Management

In this course, students will learn the critical tasks and responsibilities of Facilities Management. With cost effectiveness in mind, learners will study how to manage and properly care for real estate, considering the many different aspects of the field. From maintenance and security, through janitorial services and outsourcing, topics will enable course participants to gain a realistic overview of this industry.

F21sct: 1M, W9/206:00 PM$489.00

Real Estate
Facility Finance

Students will learn how facilities managers manage basic accounting, evaluate assets, control budgets, conduct financial audits, estimate costs for capital renewal and deferred maintenance programs, calculate lifecycle costing, payback, net present value, and depreciation. Financial risk management, financing options for operations and capital budgets, advantages of energy efficiency, financing utility upgrades with utility paybacks, debt financing options, and current replacement value calculations will be studied.

Real Estate
Trends in Technology and Property Management

This course will explore the basic trends in technology that are related to the real estate industry. This course will go in depth to cover technological changes and its benefits of improving the real estate industry. The content of this course will also highlight the importance of property managers to be knowledgeable and up to date on the latest technological trends subsequently developing awareness of how these changes can affect their profession and the buildings they manage. The course contents will cover information related to Smart Homes, Smart Commercial Buildings and Smart Cities with a focus on technology utilized in energy efficiency, safety, comfort, opex and tax incentives. Case study on a ?greenest? and ?smartest? building will also be presented and discussed to compliment students? theoretical knowledge of the course contents.

F21sct: 1M, Tu11/156:00 PM$169.00

Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate Leasing

This course will cover all aspects of leasing as it applies to office buildings and retail properties. The material will explain all the clauses of a commercial lease from a legal, operational and cost effectiveness point of view. It will provide information about the importance of drafting and administering good leases so that property managers can maximize the value of their properties. The instructor will go into depth about why certain clauses exist and how they impact the operations of a building in the short term as well as the long term. The course will also review how certain property management goals and initiatives can be achieved through specific lease strategies.

F21sct: 1Tu, Th10/266:00 PM$489.00

Real Estate
Real Estate Fundamentals

In this introduction to the world of Real Estate, this class will cover fundamental topics of the field. From property rights, titles, and encumbrances, to legal considerations, contracts, concepts of brokerage, and financing, learners will be able to discuss the basic elements of the industry and, particularly, New York State. This course is especially geared for individuals who wish to enter the profession, regardless of the particular career track they may wish to follow.

Real Estate
An Economic Perspective on Real Estate

This course will provide students with a broad overview of the world of real estate investing and its place in the overall economy. Students will learn about the many economic factors that influence the real estate market including, availability and types of spaces, options for funding, and the effect outside economic conditions have on the environment for income producing real estate investments.

F21sct: 1Tu, Th9/216:00 PM$489.00

Real Estate
Principles of Real Estate Finance

In this fundamental course in Real Estate Finance, learners will acquire an understanding of this specialty. Covered will be topics including valuation, investments, analysis, and decision-making. Students will be provided with a general understanding of how finance fits in with the larger picture of the economics of Real Estate.

F21sct: 1M, W9/206:00 PM$489.00
F21sct: 2Sa10/29:00 AM$489.00
SU21sct: 2Sa7/319:00 AM$489.00

Real Estate
Principles of Real Estate Finance II

This course will build upon the knowledge acquired in Finance I to enhance students? practical job related finance skills. Students will gain the knowledge needed to understand income analysis, operating statements, pro forma analysis, capitalization rates, discount rates, return on investment, net operating income, debt and equity markets and conduits.

F21sct: 2M, W10/276:00 PM$489.00
F21sct: 1Sa11/139:00 AM$489.00

Real Estate
Real Estate Agent Licensing

This course is for individuals that want a real estate license and/ or knowledge of the real estate industry. The 78 hour Salespersons License Pre-Qualifying course is required by NYS to become a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. All real estate agents, real estate brokers and associate brokers must begin their career with this course. Students shall learn real estate license fundamentals such as: legal, mortgages, pricing properties, construction, fair housing, leasing, residential real estate, commercial real estate, 1031 exchange, and more. Class time is 75 hours plus students have 3 hours to complete the school exam. Also, to be licensed students must register and pass the NYS DOS licensing exam.

F21sct: 1Su, Sa9/119:00 AM$523.00
F21sct: 3Daily11/299:00 AM$523.00
F21sct: 2Tu, W, Th10/56:00 PM$523.00
SU21sct: 4Daily7/269:00 AM$523.00

Real Estate
Legal Basics in Real Estate

Designed to inform learners about the legal basics of Real Estate, this course emphasizes both residential and commercial law. Special attention will be paid to landlord-tenant relations, coops and condos, real property, leases, closings, and contracts, themes that will help students make informed decisions when evaluating contracts and other transactions. Also, the following Fair Housing Topics will be covered: Fair Housing Concepts, History & Legislation, and Fair Housing Today (22 CE Credits).

F21sct: 1Tu, Th11/166:00 PM$489.00

Real Estate
Argus Real Estate Financial Analysis Software

This course is a NYS Approved 11.25 Real Estate CE Course. Students will study line-by-line lease and discounted cash flow analysis for office, retail, industrial, or multi-family dwellings. Topics will include leasing assumptions, space absorption and property resale value. Capabilities include rate of return computation and presentation reports.

F21sct: 2Tu11/96:00 PM$499.00
F21sct: 3Tu11/306:00 PM$499.00
F21sct: 1Tu9/216:00 PM$499.00
SU21sct: 1M7/196:00 PM$499.00

Real Estate
Essentials of Real Estate Excel Modeling

This course is dedicated to teaching students the fundamentals in building a real estate model using Excel. By enrolling in this course, students will understand how to organize and present data to analyze real estate investments in multifamily, retail, and office properties. Topics to be covered include reconstructing an operating statement (rent roll, income & expenses), loan amortization schedule, sources and uses of capital, selling price of property, estimating the property's value, financial ratios, cap and discount rates for unlevered and levered calculations of net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR). Excel functions, tools, and formulas include SUM, SUMIF, SUMPRODUCT, COUNT, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, DATE, ROUND, IF, DOUBLE IF STATEMENTS, AND, OR, PV, FV, RATE, NPER, NPV, IRR, PMT, PPMT, IPMT, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, GOAL SEEK, and DATA TABLE; relative and absolute cell references; conditional statements; Boolean logic (true/false); formatting; and keyboard shortcuts.

F21sct: 1Th10/286:00 PM$429.00

Real Estate
Fair Housing - The History and Why

This course will provide students with background information on Fair Housing. Students enrolled in this course, will have an in depth understanding of the creation and meaning of the law. Topics to be explored include Fair Housing from the time of the civil war and the civil rights movement, to current times inclusive of green Fair Housing. Special emphasis will be placed on New York State to answer why NYS Fair Housing Law is stricter and examine recent Fair Housing trials and controversies.

Real Estate
Draft Board Package

This course is dedicated to preparing real estate professionals to successfully prepare and present a detailed Board Package at a Board Interview. By enrolling in this course, students will learn how to add value to their business while at the same time showcasing their professional fiduciary expertise to current and prospective clients.

Real Estate
Foreign Buyers of Real Estate in New York

This course is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive and thorough understanding and knowledge of the many processes involved in the foreign buying process of real estate in New York. By taking this course, students will become familiar and knowledgeable with many areas of the foreign buying process ranging from "who is considered a foreign person and why do foreign investors purchase real estate in the U.S." to "Gain tax calculation for foreign investors."

Real Estate
Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment

This course examines the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to enter the world of basic real estate investing. Topics covered will include an overview of different real estate investment property types, relevant laws surrounding each, financing options and special concerns for investors and landlords. Students will further enhance their skills by utilizing case studies to examine the details of typical investment scenarios.

F21sct: 3Su, Sa11/209:00 AM$349.00
F21sct: 1Tu, Th11/306:00 PM$349.00

Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate Market Research

This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding and application on the usage of supply and demand data offering the greatest commercial real estate return on investment. By enrolling in this course, students will receive hands-on and practical experience relating to market analysis using Co-Star, BIS, and ACRIS. Upon completion of this course, students will possess the skillset required for identifying strength areas for growth and profitability for commercial real estate properties including office space, retail, industrial and multifamily sectors.

F21sct: 1Th, F11/46:00 PM$489.00

Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate Property Management

Examine the techniques and strategies for successful management of commercial buildings . This class will incorporate the analysis of both the financial and physical management functions of commercial properties. Topics include various forms of real estate ownership, management agreements, budgeting and financial reports, standard operation procedures, marketing and leasing service contract insurance, plant and energy management, security and emergency procedures, and tenant and employee relations.

F21sct: 1M, W11/226:00 PM$489.00

Real Estate
Fundamentals of Real Estate Leasing - Commercial Brokerage

This course is designed for entry to mid-level commercial real estate developers, property owners, property managers, investors, and real estate brokers. By enrolling in this course, students will receive a comprehensive overview of all areas of the retail leasing process. This course will also compliment students? knowledge on selection of a retail leasing brokerage firm, the mechanics of retail leasing, retail property marketing strategies (landlord representation), tenant representation, useful tools of the trade, and legal agreements. Taught by leading industry experts in retail leasing, upon completion of this course students will develop the skillset and knowledge required to effectively apply theory to practice ultimately transforming them into a great leasing professionals. Also included in this course is the Law of Agency and Fair Housing.

F21sct: 1Su, Sa11/69:00 AM$489.00
SU21sct: 2Sa8/79:00 AM$489.00

Real Estate
3-Hour Notary Public Exam Prep Class

Please note that this 3-Hour prep class will include a 50-question review exam. The notary public course prepares you to learn about the laws and duties in serving the public as an official representative of the State of New York. By notarizing documents you are providing a valuable community service for which you are compensated. Additionally, your services are used by corporations and small businesses as well as real estate, legal and title companies.

F21sct: 1Sa11/610:00 AM$50.00
SU21sct: 1Sa7/2410:00 AM$50.00

Real Estate
Dealing With Distressed Properties (Foreclosures)

Students will learn about analyzing and buying distressed properties, including foreclosures, defaulted mortgages, and other troubled real estates. They will complete the course with a full understanding of how to buy right and successfully turn around these diamonds in the rough.

F21sct: 1M, W10/46:00 PM$349.00

Real Estate
Understanding the Closing Process

From the initial offer through the closing appointment, this course will cover what learners need to know in reference to this most critical of transactions. Specific topics including title checks, contingencies, and mortgages will be reviewed. Discussions will also include documentation and final arrangements for successful transactions.

F21sct: 1Tu11/96:00 PM$349.00
SU21sct: 1M, W8/46:00 PM$349.00

Real Estate
Legal and Administrative Issues in Multiple Dwelling Properties

The goal of this course is to present participants with the legal and administrative knowledge necessary for the management of multi-dwelling properties. The specifics of co-ops and condos, as well as elements of effective decision-making and current legal issues, especially within New York State, will be covered. This class is essential for individuals seeking to manage properties within this domain.

F21sct: 1Tu, Th11/306:00 PM$349.00

Real Estate
Salespersons Review Course

This exam review course is designed to aide NYS pre-licensing salesperson's who may need a comprehensive review of the licensing course topics. Also helpful to candidates who may have or experience learning difficulties and challenges; unfamiliar with exam preparation and strategy; exam anxiety; and poor exam techniques. Independent study of the course content prior to attendance is strongly recommended.

Real Estate
Asset Management

This course is the essential course to gain knowledge about Asset Management. The primary goals of the course are to teach students important real estate strategies that will:? Increase the value of real estate assets? Promote the marketing and sales of the assets? Increase innovation? Increase employees? satisfaction and employees? productivity for the employees that work in the buildingsThis course explains the importance of each area and its relationship to the other key aspects of managing real estate. The course expounds on how the management of a company?s assets should align with the business strategies of the company. This course addresses asset management in both the private and public sectors. In addition to strengthening students? skills in the basics, the knowledge from this course will teach students how to be proactive keeping pace with the volatility and complexity of the market place. The course will review Asset Management trends, integrating and interacting with other business functions and how to drive strategic, long term value. The course will also review how external forces such as sociological, technological, economical, and political factors affect asset management. It is an ideal course for students interested in a career related to Asset Management or the student who is presently in the industry and wants to enhance his or her skills.

F21sct: 2M, W11/156:00 PM$489.00
F21sct: 1Sa12/49:00 AM$489.00